Margaret Manchester

Author of historical fiction

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The Weardale Series  (Historical Romance)

  • The Lead Miner's Daughter

  • Carved in Stone

  • Fractured Crystal   

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Northern England 1872. Mary Watson leaves her childhood home to work at Springbank Farm. She soon meets a handsome farmer, Joe Milburn, and becomes infatuated with him, but is he the right man for her? What will her future hold?

Mary’s story is woven into a background of rural life and crime. What happens in this remote valley leaves the community reeling in shock and seeking justice.

Find yourself in the secluded valley of Weardale, on the wide-open moors and in the deep mines of the North Pennines as this intriguing and dramatic story unfolds.


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Northern England 1881. Sent away during her brother’s trial, Phyllis Forster returns home seven years later to find the people have turned against her family. She desperately wants to win back their respect.

At 28 years old, she gives up hope of marriage, and throws herself into the management of the family estate, until two very different men come into her life.

Ben, troubled by the past and full of anger and distrust, is a shepherd who shuns the company of others until the new boss arrives at Burnside Hall. Timothy, the new vicar, is preoccupied with the dale's ancient past, but he also takes an interest in Phyllis.

Can trust and harmony be restored in this rural community? Will Phyllis settle for a loveless marriage? Or will she defy convention and follow her heart?


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Northern England 1895. Josie Milburn meets Elliott Dawson, a man who shares her interest in collecting crystals. Defying an age-old superstition, Elliott takes Josie into a lead mine, an action which sets off a sequence of dramatic events, beginning with a miner’s death that same day. 


Elliott and Josie face a series of trials involving tragic loss and the unveiling of family secrets, which change their lives and fortunes in ways that they could never have imagined. 


Will these traumatic circumstances bind them together or break them apart? 

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Paperback UK
£9.99 + £0.00 P&P